Emergency Info

Parents are to complete an Emergency Card every year for each child. In case of illness or injury, it is essential that we be able to reach a parent/guardian or your representative by phone at all times. Please fill out an Emergency Card with current contact information and at least three different contact numbers and return it to your child’s teacher during the first week of school. Click here for an online printable version of the Emergency Card.

Please fill out and return a Parent/Guardian Contact Form so we have all your current contact information. This form is different than the Emergency Card as it tells us how to send general, attendance and emergency notifications to you through the Connect-Ed system. Click here for more information about the Connect-Ed system.

Occasionally, you may need your child released from school before the regular dismissal time. We can do this only under two circumstances:

  • The parent or an adult listed on the Emergency Card comes in person to request the child, or
  • The parent may authorize, in writing, another adult who must also come to the office to request the child. Per a Board of Education rule, we may not honor telephone requests.

All children leaving campus before regular dismissal time must be released through the office. If you need to pick up your child before the regular dismissal time, come to the office and we will send for your child.

Rest assured that our staff is well trained in procedures to ensure the safety of all our students during a natural emergency. In case of an emergency, students will be kept at school until a parent or an adult listed on the Emergency Card arrives at the school to pick him/her up. Students can never be released to a minor nor to adults not listed on the Emergency Card.

Guidelines for preventing heat stress are implemented during hot days. Students are encouraged to sit in the shade and drink plenty of water. If a smog alert is declared, we are notified by the District and the teachers are immediately informed that students are not to be engaged in physical activities during the alert. This also applies to the after-school playground program.