In November 2007, the Los Angeles Unified School District began the implementation of a District-wide notification system called Connect-ED which enables us to personally communicate with parents/guardians, and staff, regarding emergency situations, attendance, school events and other important issues impacting you and your child.

The Connect-ED service allows us to send personalized voice messages to your family’s home, work or cell phones, and also contact you through email. We are capable of reaching everyone in our school within minutes through the Connect-ED service. This improves school and District communications with our parents/guardians and employees. Keeping parents/guardians more informed and involved has shown to lead to higher student achievement.

Please help us by ensuring we have your current contact information. For the first time, the District has the ability to customize where you receive general notification, attendance and emergency communications.

Please fill out and return a Parent/Guardian Contact Form so we have all your current contact information. This form is different than the Emergency Card as it tells us how to send general, attendance and emergency notifications to you through the Connect-Ed system.