Justice Street School Earns 2012 California Distinguished School Award!


Our site evaluation for the 2012 California Distinguished School award on Monday, March 19th was a HUGE success! The evaluation team is highly recommending Justice Street School for this award and we should hear the official word from the California Department of Education in April.

The most impressive thing that stood out to the team was the students. Not only were the kids very friendly, helpful and polite, but they shared in depth details about what they were learning and used academic terms and vocabulary confidently.

The second thing that impressed the team was the complete sense of community – from watching the kids interact with each other and their teachers to seeing parents helping in a variety of ways around the campus and to being a part of the camaraderie between staff members at recess and lunch. They recognized that our school is doing all the right things to prepare the students for the next phase of their educations.

Congratulations to the entire staff and student body for working so hard these past few years to make this opportunity a reality. And thank you to all the parents who pitched in preparing for this day and being tremendously gracious hosts on Monday. Great job everyone!!

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