Justice Family – Urgent

Justice Family – it is time to stand united, once again, on behalf of our children:

With the beginning of this new school year, Justice has much to celebrate. We have an esteemed reputation that Justice has earned through decades of dedication to its student body, hard work by its tireless teachers and staff, and commitment of our families. In spring 2012, we earned the honor of being named a California Distinguished School, no small feat by our students and staff. We proudly recognize our students’ accomplishment of a recent increase of more than 50 points in our school’s API score, which exceeds 870. After two years of perfecting our application, we became a community-run affiliated charter school, able to direct our funds and curriculum as best suited to the students. For the first year in our school’s history, we have the ability, as families, along with our valued teachers and staff, to have a hand in shaping our children’s curriculum, and focusing the precious few dollars we have toward that objective. We have invested in brand new technology for our state of the art computer lab that all grade levels utilize. Our staff maintains credentials and professional development requirements that enable them to offer best practices in our School for Advanced Studies and GATE programs.

However, our community is in trouble. Justice St. Academy Charter School is in jeopardy of losing long-time cherished teachers. By September 14th, we must meet our “norm” number, which determines how many teachers we are permitted to have on staff. We are currently short of our “norm” number by 3 students in grades Kinder-3rd. Complicating this is that the deadling for Open Enrollment is Thursday, August 30th. If we are unable, or not allowed by LAUSD, to enroll several more students into our school in the next TWO weeks, at least one teacher will be displaced, students in multiple other grades will also be displaced, and several classes will likely have to be combined. Two of our strongest objectives in seeking Affiliate Charter Status were to keep class sizes small, and to establish our right to keep the teachers we feel are best suited to our school. Now LAUSD has threatened this before we’ve even had a chance to vote for our school’s new Charter governance committee.

In order to preserve the unique programs that our school has put in place, build new programs best suited for our students and their academic, social and emotional development, and attract and retain highly dedicated teachers, we must take action TOGETHER. Our administration has been diligently persuing every procedural effort to secure what’s best for our school as a whole. And we need to join that team and be a postive force for our kids.

So, what can you do?

First, please consider running for our Affiliate Charter Governance Council. It’s a small commitment that will have a huge impact. (More details to follow.)

Second, as our families have in the past, LET’S STAND TOGETHER…. Call and email the Board of Education office, Tamar Galatzan, the Local Superintendent Linda Del Queto, and LAUSD Superintendent Dr. Deasy. CALL, EMAIL SHOW UP, AND VOICE YOUR CONCERN. Pass this message along to concerned grandparents, aunts, uncles and community members.


PLEASE… contact the people below ASAP and let them know that JUSTICE FAMILIES want the best academic environment for our kids, rather than an impersonal, arbitrary rule that would disrupt all of our primary classes. WE want all the students to be able to access the curriculum in small grade-level classes. WE want to keep the teachers who have proven their commitment to teaching and our school. WE have a strong group of parents. Let’s use our numbers to help our kids, and remind LAUSD that our kids deserve an educational environment that suits their needs and that our kids are much more than a “norm” number on a report.


Board of Education – District 3

Tamar Galatzan


213-241-6386  Fax: 213-241-8979

Linda Del Qeuto
Instructional Area Superintendent Educational Center North (Former Distict 1)
(818) 654-3600

Dr. Deasy
LAUSD Superintendent

333 S Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213) 241-1000 Fax: (213) 241-8442


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