JAG Newsletter

Justice Street School PTA creates a weekly newsletter and information packet that we call “The JAG.” It was named after the Jaguars, our school’s mascot. The JAG is distributed to the children every THURSDAY.

The top page of the JAG is usually a one-sheet, easy-to-read synopsis of the most important information for the upcoming week and month. It contains short articles about upcoming PTA and school activities, fundraisers, Spirit Nights, holidays, deadlines, meetings and more. Through this written, weekly, informative newsletter, we seek to keep you informed about what’s going on at our school, in the District and in our community.

The subsequent pages of the packet contain fliers with more details about many of the items summarized in the newsletter. Sometimes the fliers have tear-offs on the bottom that need to be returned. Many times, the fliers contain calls to action, or provide more detailed information about an upcoming community event that we couldn’t fit on the newsletter.

We highly recommend that you read through the JAG packets each week as the information is always very important and is frequently time-sensitive.

And if you ever misplace a JAG or didn’t remember seeing one, you can always find it in our JAG Newsletter Archive.